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We provide one-stop service for all your needs and where we care about you and your new lifestyle and your future!

We Start By Protecting you and your Biz

We provide you with legal assistance for on the road protection 24/7

We Understand Your Needs!

At the Heavy Truck Drivers Club we first listen to what the needs of a truck driver and/or commercial truck driver.  We prepare an action plan and together we work with you step-by-step to make sure you don’t get hit with costly fines or pay tens of thousands of dollars more than you owe in taxes. Also prepare your tax returns every year whether you are a regular driver truck or a heavy truck driver.

We can Change your Lifestyle and Your Future!

We provide one-stop service for all your needs and where we care about you and your new lifestyle and your future!

We are Passionate and We Care!

We provide you with one-stop-service and guide you step by step in the process!

We do it Together!

We help you get rid of your worries and guide you in the right direction to get back your life and your future!

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We offer the following services:

  1. Full IRS Compliance Check
  2. Prepare or Amend your tax Returns
  3. Prepare a Financial Needs Analysis for you.
  4. Give you the on the road protection every truck driver needs.
  5. Get you started on a business from home for addt’l income for you and family plus more

Get Your Free Consultation:

  1. Taxpayer
  2. Legal Shield Associate.
  3. Our Life Insurance Program Analysis.
  4. Develop a plan of action on how to start a business from home within your own industry.

Read about our Client Stories of Success

You will be able to read about success stories of clients who started with us and how they overcame their fears of the IRS once you join our Truckers Club.  Learn how they resolved their tax problems one step at a time and see how they have succeeded in being compliant year after year.

We offer you the Best Service Today!

Every Day we Promote our Services based on your needs and offer you a plan you can manage….whether its setting up a payment plan with the IRS, representing you at the IRS or resolve any issues by signing a POA Form 2848 or a Form 8821 to get your transcripts on time.

Come and Meet us in Person!

We offer one-stop-service 24 hours a day. 
Meet face-to-face with your tax preparer or have it prepared online securely.
Establish your accounts with the IRS.
Request ITINs, EINs plus more!

Read all about us plus FAQs

Order your free report and FAQs when you sign up and also submit your questions and see how we help you and guide you through this process with only thinking about your needs and how to resolve it timely! 

IRS Enrolled Agent in Katy Texas

Who Am I?

I am an online business consultant who prepares tax returns for individuals, sole proprietors, LLCs, and Corporations.  I will provide you with easy steps to follow and walk with you until all your current issues are resolved and give you advice on future plans for a successful New Start!

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Truck Drivers Club

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We provide one-stop service for all your needs and where we care about you and your new lifestyle and your future!

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